First Love Your Self …..

First Love Your Self …...


First Love Your Self …..

We humans Love many things. We love other People, Animals, Cars, Houses, Mobile phones and many other things. But most of us fail to love our self first. Loving our own self has a deep meaning inside. It is not about building an ego or creating a permanent “I”. The world has totally misunderstood the concept loving him or her self. They think because they Love their self , they need a lot of money. To get a lot of money they use every method possible. Comes in murders, robberies, war and all sort of criminal activities. Why ? simply to make “I” happy.

The concept that I like to tell is that if some one truly love him or her self, he or she will never end up in such crimes. We all get punished for what we do. Its like every action has a reaction. It is hardImage to believe that temporary happiness can cause such impact. If we love our self truly, I don’t think we can ever destroy another persons happiness. It is our thoughts which lead us here consciously or unconsciously.  We create our life and we create our destiny. So lets love our self in the correct way then automatically we create a better and a beautiful live.

Just be happy….

When you complain about your life, there are people out there struggling to be “you”. Also, while you complain about the little wrongs of your food, there are people out there starving for a scrap of food. Therefore, find happiness in who you are, appreciate what you have and try to bring happiness to at least one person who is struggling in life and give them a helping hand at your potential.

It’s some thing about Happiness….

Happiness is not external, It is always internal

Happiness is not what you have but how you use what you have

Happiness is not what you see but how you feel

Happiness is not about complaining but about getting the best of the least

Happiness is not war but peace

Happiness is not hatred but it is love

Happiness is not blaming but it is forgiving

Happiness is not taking but giving

Happiness is not  killing but  it is about giving hope

Happiness is wanting but let go

Finally true happiness is worth every thing.

Happy living…….

Smile an ever lasting smile…..


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‘Today’ is the best Day in My Life…..

Today becomes the best day in life cause today is the day we have the potential to energize our self to change tomorrow.  Today has an uncountable amount of potential and strength to archive our goals and happiness. To get this power we must believe in our self and make use of the valuable time we got. Always nature will pull you back, nothing but to choose the very best. At this point you stop, you stop for ever. Just go through the present with happiness and self confidence. Keep believing in your self. Life will be magical. Only we got the power to change our future.

Why Blame the Change ??

In this stream of life we encounter different situations on the way. Some good and some bad. In good times we emotionally be happy and bad times make us sad. When some thing bad happens most of us blame some thing or somebody. Some blame their religion, believe or somebody. Some think it is “Karma” which happens. Some ask why god doesn’t look at me. While some say ” After loads of prayers, chantings and faith is this is what I get?”. And we all ask “Why me?”.

We must never forget that all these above mentioned things only make 99% of our lives, We create 100% of our lives. We can’t blame somebody else for what we do. All people do mistakes. There is a price for it. And only we can pay the price for our own mistakes. Good times and bad times are there in life. Naturally occurring devastation’s effect all. Can’t blame any one. This is a part of reality or in other words the law of nature, which every thing change. Change may be good or bad, but it changes. This reality of mother nature could not be changed. What could only be changed is the way we react to the change.

May be I hate “Hatred” …….

Like the essential things in life, hatred has been a component in most of our life’s. This deep emotional behavior of dislike results many consequences. Just pause life for a second. How many things have we hate from the time we got up up to now. Some times we feel that this causes no harm. But unfortunately the harm is more on us. More we hate something , the more we hate our own life. Its just likeImage some one cutting him self with a knife. But here the scar is invisible. Avoiding hatred makes life more simple and more happy. If another person hates you then don’t hate him back. Hatred is never ceased by hatred, but only through kindness. Stop hating and start living.

Short way to be happy

Short way to see happiness

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