Living a Happy Life

Life …are we living on it or are we living in it ??? Life is like climbing a ladder. End of one ladder is a beginning of another ladder. If I ask Ten individuals who are well established in there careers, if they are truly happy of what they are, I am sure that 9 or 8 of them will tell no. Every body wants some thing more or some thing better. So more than living we are on a race. And trying to win it. From the very first day in life until the end we run this race not knowing the true start and the true end. So this is what we have been doing all through our life. It is true we must have goals and we must achieve them. But does that mean that we should crave on things. As we want better things and dream of higher things we fail to enjoy the present, we fail to enjoy life, we fail to see the beauty of the nature. We dream of many things in life, but if we fail to archive it we be sad. And for real that the things we dream does not last for ever , it keeps on changing every second. So can we bear this change. Again we be unhappy. This is a cycle in life. Happiness ends with sadness & sadness ends with happiness. Climb the ladder, Be happy, think about the present it is the future. The past is the past, get the experience of it, and play the the game life. Success is two words commitment and practice. We may fail several times, but enjoy the moment because it may be the moment you learn to stand up. After all present is the greatest gift. Give a hand to another person who is climbing and make two or more happy. Live a simple life, speak kindly, think positively and love generously. Money, Jobs, Power, they just tools to live this life. The happiest people in this world are not the people who are equipped with the best. They just make the best out of every thing they have


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