Where do we generate happiness ? It is generated by consciousness. So where does consciousness generate ? It is generated by the human mind. So I believe that the mind is in side us. So if the mind is inside us then consciousness is in side us so if consciousness is in us then happiness is inside us. So do we need to have big money or good jobs to be happy, NO you don’t need. It is not what you take in to your mind but it is how you take. If we can accept reality as it is then why do we need to be unhappy. Reality is that every thing living and non-living which is made of atoms changes constantly, so do we need to be unhappy ?? Every atom change every trillion of a second so as every thing is made of atoms it also should change. We cant change this change. But we can change the way we react on this change. If we simply act on this change, and live according to it, then  we live a happy life.


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