Some say Opportunities come once in a life time, But for the once who believe in driving could think that missing one opportunity could lead in to another one, probably a better one.  Yes, if you miss one train don’t forget there will be another one. If you keep on thinking about the things you have missed in life, you may miss another one also. So get the experience and work your magic out it could change every thing. The greatest in the world missed a lot of chances but still they kept on going for the things they believed. Newton would have first believed in him self before believing his theory of gravity. So while you’re reading this, you could have missed an opportunity in life. Smile at it. Be happy. Think that you’re going to get another one and work hard to achieve it. There are many rivers to cross. There may be a storm but don’t forget that storms never last.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

 Henry Ford –


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