Do we really need money to be happy ? Well some might say yes while some will say no. But some rich people are unhappy in life while some poor people are happy in life. Therefore it is not about money. In other words happiness cannot be measured by money. It is some thing deep in side. The interesting thing about money is that it comes and goes with out any hesitation. By nature people tend to gather around rich people may be to get the physical benefits.  And if the exact individual is no more rich then things might turn other way around. So money changes things. It causes craving, greed and so many negative thoughts. There have been many blood shed in the history of man kind to get this money to be rich. Money makes mentally satisfied. Most of the people wast their life by chasing behind money and fail to enjoy the present. We must not for get that the successful people were never hungry for money they were only hungry for there success, money came second. Do a good job, help other people at all time, be hungry for success in what ever you do and give thought only on that you will be successful. Be satisfied in what you have. Happiness is with you.



  1. AJH

    Very nice and it is soo true.


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