Be kind Be happy..

On the journey to happiness, kindness is one word which cannot be ignored. Simply many teachings around the world stress about kindness. Now being kind is not only helping other humans but also showing it to other animals as well. Like us they also have a right to enjoy the freedom of living. Yes it is true that in a specific environment survival of a certain set of animals depends on another group. But the human race have a higher intelligence and a higher intellectual characteristic, which has the ability to see things in a correct manner. And definitely that theory cannot be applied when killing is done after breeding thousands of animals using artificial methods. It is against the nature.  Pain is felt by You, me and every other animal in this planet. It is an unpleasant sensation which most of us try to avoid it. But at the same time some try to give pain to others. I would like to talk more on Pain in another post.

So What I feel is that to be truly happy in life, to enjoy the beauty of happiness, one must stay away from harming  . No happiness could be gained by harming others. If so it is temporary not permanent.  The happiness gained by offering a meal to the poor cannot be described by words. It is amazing. And that happiness will last for a long time……

Just wanted to make this note in a period which people will do any thing to harm the happiness of another, in a time where humanity is loosing sight and in a time where the illusion of  happiness is living.


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  1. Ann

    Strong words in simple words. Good Luck.

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