When you are weak, you are strong…

When you read this topic it may seem to be meaningless but going deeper may give some meaning. How much some one is rich , strong , powerful there may be a stage where he or she is weak. Some may be truly weak by birth while some may be weak after a certain period in life. Being weak is has an amazing side. Many fail to see it, therefore they remain weak. But some see this , they become successful. Life is not unfair. When an individual is weak and have many downs, all the things fall apart and every thing seems to be unsuccessful he or she must not loose faith in him self. The weaker person has an amazing potential or power to stand up. This power should be used. This exact power is lack when you are strong.  But the trick is to use it. Don’t believe in me just look around. One example is the great Stephen Hawking’s. Diagnosed with the motor neuron disease and  he is almost completely paralyzed, still this great human stands high and is one of the greatest theoretical physicist, in our time. He may not have the chance to talk like you and me but he imagined things beyond this universe.

So yes when you are weak, you are also strong. Strong to stand tall like never imagined before. Strong to do miracles. StronImageg to change this world. Just use the potential. Try hard and never give up, be happy, you’ll see the magic



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  2. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I think many people need to read things like this to get some kind of boost in their lives, so thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks alot for the kind words, It means alot.

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