Nevere back down a fight…..

This is not a fight to harm any one but this is a fight to live, a fight to succeed, a fight to achieve what you believe in. Life is never smooth. On the way  there are many mountains to climb and many rivers to cross. Many people will be criticizing or will be pulling you back. Unfortunately some stop in such conditions, but some don’t. The difference become failure and success. Every man or woman who became successful didn’t back down there fight nor they didn’t get weak due to these obstacles. They became stronger and stronger. There would have been bad days, but they never gave it up. I call this the theory of natural resistance. This is how the nature selects the best.

One example is Muttiah Muralitharan .  The great “Murali” is known as the greatest bowler ever in cricket history. He is the highest wicket taker in both Test and one day. His records are unbreakable. On the way to be the most successful bowler in the game he faced many issues. His bowling action was criticized. He was called no-ball in the field. He was criticized by certain countries, certain players, and even by politicians. His bowling action was tested many times and was cleared by all charges. He played a major role to win the Cricket world cup 1996 to the Srilankans. All this pressure made him the best.  He became a master of him self. He broke his own records, Competed with him self.

So this is life. Its up to us to choose success and failure. We must always try. It is worth, cause nothing is free.Image


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