Cause this is thriller, thriller night…….

A musician, a Dancer, a Philanthropist, a Composer, a choreographer and Indeed a thriller, all fits on one name the late Michael Jackson also known as the king of POP. He changed the modern culture , changed the music industry, and also made a change to make this a better place. Today is MJ’s 3rd death anniversary and I thought of sharing my views on what made Michael Jackson a Michael Jackson.

An icon in modern culture MJ always did something different. His shows were amazing and was magic. It would have been days and months of sleepless nights of practice and hard work to build the rhythm. If you ask me to describe him in one word, I would say “Passion”. There are many singers in this world. But something was different in MJ from all of them. He made some thing new to the fans. He showed something which did not exist before.  From his shirt to the hat to the shoes , every thing was perfect. His concerts were well planned. They were always updated with technology.

Michael Jackson was never equipped well at the beginning. He used the things he had well. Like him we all have this thing in us. May be it is some energy. If we waste time living in a dream of someone else we never will use the potential in us. Like Michael Jackson we all have a potential to be successful. The trick is figure out what we are capable of and live with it. If we plant it , water it and  add other requirements this flow of energy will guide us, will teach us will take us to what we really want and what we are attracted.



  1. Hi. Thank you for liking a post on my blog. I really appreciate it. I’ve always admired Michael Jackson, and his music is truly inspirational. This is a great post.


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