I am simple and I fly but I fly for you…..

Kites are amazing not only because it gave us unlimited amount of fun when we were kids. They are made by cheap material. There are white, red, blue, green, yellow kites, big, small kites. Some kites are like snakes while some are like birds. They fly high. It remains in the air due to its balance. Lack of balance it falls down. The wind helps to fly the bird up, at the same time more wind takes it away. Kites make small kids happy. Gives them hope. Never expect any thing back. End of the evening how much the kite is big or beautiful it tears apart leaving nothing but the skeleton.

The kite gives us a beautiful message. We live in a world with diversity. How much things we got, how much beautiful we are, how much powerful we are, one day we will tear apart., Only the good things will remain. Like the kite we don’t need to be rich or beautiful to make another smile in another face. Smile as much as you can, at least two people will be happy. At the same time we all must learn to balance our life. Balance work with home, balance studies with health and balance happiness and sadness. Life will never be smooth nor it will never be hard for ever. It is balanced. In happy times and in sad times it is our mind which determines the way to live. Like the kite if we learn to balance our life we will remain high mentally and physically in this small time we got. What matters is how we react to the situation, not the situation. Situations arise and pass. This is the nature of reality which cannot be changed. It is our mind which could only be changed.  So lets make it simple to play this game life.


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