The One Rupee Beggar

Once when I was caught up in a traffic light and a beggar came to me and asked for some money, as I was in a hurry I got some coins and gave. The man looked at the coins and was not satisfied and in an angry manner he went away. This one common situation in our country. Even beggars want big big notes. I was thinking about this and I thought It was not only the beggar who acts like this. Most of us act in the similar fashion but not for a rupee, may be for a post or marks or more money or some thing better than what we have. We always want some thing more and something better. This is the beginning for our unhappiness. As long as we want some thing else or something better we fail to enjoy what we got. If  my neighbor buys a Corolla 121, I buy a 141. This is craving. This is the nature of the human mind. Happiness is not what you are going to have. It is what you have. Thanks to the beggar, who gave me this lesson free of charge.  !!Image




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