One Way Ticket……

Life began one day far away

This day I live from miles away

Life is too short and time flies away

One way tickets indeed no running back away………


Indeed life is like a one way ticket. With all the ups and downs life flow. Water flows in the river some times smoothly and sometimes roughly. There are stones by the way waiting to block the flow, but it never does. Now what I really want to tell is that we all got this one way ticket. For some the journey is long and for some it is short. But it is never easy nor hard constantly. In this ticket each and every one of us are included in a package. This is to live a happy life. We all have the right to life happily. But in a such package many live unhappily. So lets use this package of happiness wisely. We are programmed to be happy. At the end of our journey when that final buzzer rings , if we turn back and have no regrets in what we have done in life, yes the one way ticket was used wisely.  


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