Don’t React but Simply Act…..

The root for many problems which exist in our world today occurs due to reactions. Biologically all living things has a characteristic quality which it reacts to a certain stimulus. We humans basically react to every thing. Wake up late in the morning see the time , we react, While driving some other car overtakes you from the wrong side, we react, Some one hits you, YES definitely we all react. Either we react two times more or run away. So our day spends on reacting on different things in different situations. Reacting leads in to different aspects. Reacting causes craving. Finally craving leads in to sadness. Some times reaction may cause anger. This is dangerous. If you see the history of man kind this simple sentence have caused billions of innocent life’s.

Countries fight. Most of them fight for some physical thing. Now why do they fight for a thing which is temporary ? Simply because they crave for it. Why do they crave ? Because they like it. Why do they like it? Because they React on it. This is the theory for stealing things, killing animals, murdering and every negative news I hear in the 8′ O’clock news.

Humans are programmed to react. We react on good things and bad things failing to know the difference. We can change It. It is up to our mind to choose what to react. Don’t Just react but act. Just act on what you see. Just act when some one say something to you. I like to mention two of my favorite sayings from two great religions. Both in different set of words, but the same simple meaning “DO NOT REACT”

If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also”  Jesus Christ

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by loveLord Buddha



  1. When people react to good things, it’s amazing. Last night my husband and I were approaching a toll booth, talking, not paying attention and ended up in the “Easy Pass” section, and we don’t use that. We needed to get across to the regular toll. A nice lady let us in, so we paid for her toll. When someone does something nice, a good reaction is like a domino effect. Jesus could have said something like, “If someone kisses your right cheek, kiss another person’s right cheek.” 🙂

    • So true, Its amazing, Thanks for sharing..


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