Topicless Message …………

Time passes, like yesterday and may be like tomorrow. With it passes a stream sometime good and some times bad. We react to this stream of life. The quality of emotions show how much we do. Good times end with bad times and bad times end with good times. We live and die. In between we get sick and get old. When getting sick the stream of life is bad. The imperfect physical state affects the mental state. 

Life is so full of impermanent things. Impermanent means empty.  Which we all are. So do the so called expensive things we have. The human body constancy keeps on changing. We never can change this change. On the way of changing it brings loads of pain in to us. Pointless reacting. This is the way mother nature has programmed us. Still wonder is it worth giving pain to another animal or a human while we all change. Change towards death. No one likes to be sad. But we can’t avoid sadness coming in to are life. Only thing we can do is not make another one sad.


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