Why Blame the Change ??

In this stream of life we encounter different situations on the way. Some good and some bad. In good times we emotionally be happy and bad times make us sad. When some thing bad happens most of us blame some thing or somebody. Some blame their religion, believe or somebody. Some think it is “Karma” which happens. Some ask why god doesn’t look at me. While some say ” After loads of prayers, chantings and faith is this is what I get?”. And we all ask “Why me?”.

We must never forget that all these above mentioned things only make 99% of our lives, We create 100% of our lives. We can’t blame somebody else for what we do. All people do mistakes. There is a price for it. And only we can pay the price for our own mistakes. Good times and bad times are there in life. Naturally occurring devastation’s effect all. Can’t blame any one. This is a part of reality or in other words the law of nature, which every thing change. Change may be good or bad, but it changes. This reality of mother nature could not be changed. What could only be changed is the way we react to the change.


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