First Love Your Self …..

We humans Love many things. We love other People, Animals, Cars, Houses, Mobile phones and many other things. But most of us fail to love our self first. Loving our own self has a deep meaning inside. It is not about building an ego or creating a permanent “I”. The world has totally misunderstood the concept loving him or her self. They think because they Love their self , they need a lot of money. To get a lot of money they use every method possible. Comes in murders, robberies, war and all sort of criminal activities. Why ? simply to make “I” happy.

The concept that I like to tell is that if some one truly love him or her self, he or she will never end up in such crimes. We all get punished for what we do. Its like every action has a reaction. It is hardImage to believe that temporary happiness can cause such impact. If we love our self truly, I don’t think we can ever destroy another persons happiness. It is our thoughts which lead us here consciously or unconsciously.  We create our life and we create our destiny. So lets love our self in the correct way then automatically we create a better and a beautiful live.


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